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Porto Rotondo - Sardinia, Italy

+39 342 855 6052
+39 342 855 6052

Founder of Rarex, Argentine by birth, Italian by choice and Sardinian by adoption.

Born and raised in Rosario, Argentina, he has always cultivated an interest in marketing, in the world of wellness, boating, sea and nature: these are the passions that during his first travels around the world became more and more intense, until his arrival in Sardinia, where he has been residing for 20 years now and where today he is raising his two children. He is therefore very familiar with the Island’s wonderful territory, its most authentic values and its most complex dynamics.

Empathy and professionalism are at the core of Fernando’s persona, who likes to define himself as a “relationship builder”: the ability to weave deep, private and friendly relationships has always distinguished him and is at the base of his professional path, since his first experience in the nautical market, up to his entry into the high-end real estate market boasting a long experience on the “off-market” segment.

For Fernando, the most important deals revolve around discretion, confidentiality, trust, esteem and bespoke service but also around personal empathy, fundamental to understand the client’s desires and aspirations. Just like a “real estate personal shopper” Fernando’s long time clients now describe him as a friend: a reference point in Sardinia to count on at any time.

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