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Originally hailing from Riga, Latvia, I embarked on a journey that led me to the captivating landscapes of St. Petersburg, FL in 2002. With over 12 years of dedicated experience in property management, I have honed my skills to provide impeccable guidance in the dynamic real estate market.My passion for enhancing properties and investments led me to earn a degree in professional staging for property investments in the vibrant Tampa Bay Area.

As a trilingual professional, I seamlessly navigate interactions in English, Russian, and Latvian. This linguistic versatility not only broadens our communication channels but also provides a profound understanding of diverse perspectives.

Having experienced the transformative process of relocating continents firsthand, I empathize with the challenges of uprooting one’s life. As your dedicated real estate advisor, I am committed to being your steadfast partner, assisting you through every step of your real estate journey.

My ultimate aspiration is to infuse your real estate experience with seamlessness and memorability. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a first-time homebuyer, or navigating the intricacies of selling, I am driven to curate solutions tailored to your unique needs.

With a blend of international perspective, extensive property management proficiency, and an unwavering dedication to your success, I am Eva Baker—an advisor who is not only well-versed in real estate but also a dedicated advocate for your aspirations. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

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