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Broker Associate -- Former Broker/Owner of The Realty Pros
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Introducing Debra Simon – Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor Who

Makes Real Estate Dreams Come True!

Mission over Commission

Meet Debra Simon – she’s not your run-of-the-mill real estate agent. For Debra, it’s all

about helping her clients achieve their dreams, not just chasing the next commission

check. She’s a real estate maven who goes the extra mile, committed to making the

journey as smooth and rewarding as possible for everyone she works with.

Now, let’s talk about Debra’s knack for the game. She’s got a solid understanding of

contract law and negotiation skills that are second to none. That means regardless of

how the market’s doing, she’s got her clients covered. Debra works tirelessly to get

them the best possible outcomes.

When working with sellers, Debra’s unparalleled attention to detail moves her to dive

into each offer. She picks it apart and ensures every penny that should be on the table

stays on the table. She’s saved her clients from being duped by phony pre-approval

letters and empty promises more times than she can count. Take, for instance, one

occasion when she was dealing with what appeared to be a straightforward cash

transaction; Debra dug deeper, uncovering a hidden chain of home sale contingencies.

This could have been a nightmare for her client. But that’s Debra for you – always

looking around every corner, protecting her clients.

And when it comes to representing buyers, Debra’s just as savvy. She takes the time to

understand the seller’s needs. Then crafts an offer that hits the sweet spot between

meeting the seller’s terms and getting her buyer a great deal. Her strategy? Make the

buyer’s offer so enticing that the seller can’t say no.

But what sets Debra apart is her dedication. She’s the type who’ll adopt her clients’

problems as her own, working around the clock to find a solution. Whatever the jam

they’re in, Debra’s there to help them navigate through it.

So there you have it. Debra Simon – she’s more than a real estate agent; she’s a

relentless advocate, a trusted partner, and the person you want in your corner when

navigating the world of real estate.

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Debra Simon