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Catalina embodies a unique set of characteristics and work ethics that set her apart in the industry. Attentive listening, individualized approach, integrity, positive energy, perseverance, cultural awareness, and linguistic skills contribute to her exceptional service and unwavering dedication to her clients’ success.

Among her academic achievements, she has a degree in Marketing and Sales and a master’s degree in Corporate and Advertising Communication in Madrid, Spain. After gaining experience in different areas of marketing, sales and public relations, she now does what she is most passionate about, selling life experiences for those who seek to realize a dream and achieve a lifestyle change.

With more than 12 years of dedicating herself exclusively to the luxury real estate market, Catalina has worked on large projects, constantly specializing through courses, internships, and careful study of the luxury market, including its finishes and current trends. Living and working in the East side of the city holds particular appeal for Catalina. The cooler climate, quick access to scenic hills and mountains, elegant neighborhoods, and flourishing commercial growth contribute to the desirability of this area, enhanced by the presence of top bilingual and trilingual universities and schools, and important multinational companies and embassies.

What sets Catalina apart is her deep appreciation for different cultures and ways of life. Having lived in Brussels, Belgium, France, and Spain, she has gained a profound understanding of various architectural styles, tastes, and lifestyles. These experiences have nurtured her tolerance and ability to see the beauty in differences, allowing her to connect with clients from diverse backgrounds effortlessly.

Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, with a touch of Portuguese, her linguistic skills further enhance her ability to serve clients effectively in the international marketplace, which have provided her with an array of experiences and an extremely diverse professional network. Catalina is passionate about life and believes in doing what she loves. Proud mother of three children, 11-year-old male and female twins and a 7-year-old girl, she always seeks a good balance between family, work and personal hobbies. She is a very passionate and active person, an eager sportswoman and a marathon runner. She loves challenges and she will assume them until the end.

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