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Calvin Cade’s dedication to the art of real estate is limitless. “I know that I am the creator of my own success, so that motivates me to work hard for my clients. I thrive on the hustle.”

As director of Baker & Co.’s Commercial Real Estate Division, Calvin has ample opportunity to put his 12 years of experience into practice. This San Antonio native has a Master’s of Commercial Real Estate Finance from Texas A&M. He is a licensed real estate agent in Texas and holds a broker’s license in Florida. “I fully dedicate myself to my clients. Buying and selling is only part of this business; the rest is about helping clients achieve their dreams. They have a goal – I have the training and experience to help them accomplish it. There’s no better feeling.”

Calvin’s golden rule: never lose your sense of humor. “In real estate, anything can happen. I have a knack for reading a situation, so I am always prepared to adapt my strategy. People are so appreciative.” Described as both genuine and generous, Calvin has earned a solid reputation for his efforts.

Networking is a big part of being a Realtor®, so entrepreneurial Calvin is developing a web-based business aimed specifically at the industry. His team’s platform will optimize agent/investor deal management, promote referrals, and make new contacts fully trackable. It’s an innovative way to use his skills and experience to benefit others.

He is driven to work hard by his love of the business, but real estate is not Calvin’s only passion. “I moonlight as an actor and a model. I was featured on the cover of Brazos Valley Bride magazine which caused people to congratulate me on my nuptials. They didn’t realize that it was a just a gig!”

Calvin describes himself as a “massive” movie fan, a foodie, and a lover of live music. He enjoys outdoor activities, especially hanging out with his miniature pit puppy, Crouton.


Calvin Cade


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