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Dr. Ann Meyerson is a Realtor and Transition Counselor. She specializes in helping seniors and their families during real estate transitions. She has developed guidelines and strategies to assist clients with the preparation and sale of a home as well as working with them throughout the move process. Dr. Meyerson has done extensive speaking on “the Psychology of Moving” to audiences exploring their options and has promoted the concept of preparing seniors both emotionally and logistically for this important next transition.

She is licensed by the National Association of Realtors in both Florida and Connecticut since 1985 and holds the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation. Ann has an MEd in Counseling from the University of Maryland and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Georgia State University. She is a recognized Industry Expert on Channel 12 News and author of articles on both Senior Transitions and Hoarding.

Her team is committed to helping each customer with the warmest, friendliest and most professional experience is real estate.
Buyer Agent: Jill Rahbani: 561-715-3595 [email protected].

Ann was awarded 2020 “Realtor with a Heart” by the Florida Realtors Association 2019-2020.
Dr. Meyerson shares her first-hand knowledge of the journey and can relate with warmth and humor about working with her widowed mother and two teenage daughters on making the right move for Mom. Ann will be glad to answer any questions about the real estate process from “When Is the Right Time to Make the Move”, “What are the Steps to Getting the House on the Market” and “How Do We Select the Most Suitable Real Estate Agent”.

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